Experience Versitec’s Award-Winning Support Center
Customer Support


When you call Versitec’s Customer Support Center (CSC), you connect with a skilled team of manufacturer-trained technicians dedicated to solving your problems quickly and efficiently. There’s a single number to call to connect with an expert that is knowledgeable in your industry, call 800.224.3475 for immediate assistance.


How it Works:

For clients with a 24 x 7 contract or V-CARE customers, diagnosis and troubleshooting begins as soon as the call is received. Clients with Advance Exchange, Same Day or Next Day coverage will be greeted with an immediate response during normal business hours.

If your issue can’t be resolved during your call with our support team, the call will be appropriately escalated and our on-site service team is contacted and dispatched to your location to provide local assistance. Most hardware components covered under the maintenance agreement include this provision.